Good design is the backbone of any successful building and, beginning with orientation, we provide functional, practical and sustainable design solutions, together with an exceptional level of service.

We draw upon all the elements your land has to offer, make an assessment of what your current and future requirements are, and fuse them into a successful functional home that will improve your property and maximise it’s potential.

Our homes reflect the personality of their inhabitants and contribute to the site and local surroundings, thereby promoting an enduring sense of place, self & healthy living.



Magnificent expansive rural dwelling with centre pool pavilion

Mount Barker

A classic country home with a modern aesthetic, versatile in design and suited to various lifestyles

Upper Sturt

Open and inviting family home with traditional country features


Elegant weatherboard cottage with a contemporary aesthetic


Sandstone villa nestled amongst the trees in a leafy garden setting


Private lifestyle within a secluded setting


A cliff top Mediterranean-style home with endless sea views


Classically proportioned and detailed country home on an equestrian property


When building a home, you can’t ask for more from any builder than reliability and trust that they will do their best for you, especially when these qualities are combined with solid building knowledge, design expertise, attention to detail and a commitment to achieve a high quality structure built to last. Any organisation, in business or in sport, is largely dependent upon the character of the people who lead it. In the case of Samalex, those people are Stephen and Maria. In my specific case, Stephen and Maria not only built for me what was judged to be an awardwinning home in 2003, but more importantly, built what has turned out to be a unique light-filled functional solid home for all seasons. During the planning, design and building process they advised me with frankness and due consideration of my expectations, taking into account the site, budget and functionality of the building, and true to their Samalex mantra, they achieved a real “balance in building” – a result for which I remain especially grateful. From my personal experience with Samalex beginning 15 years ago, and from my ongoing knowledge of their subsequent work, I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen and Maria of Samalex as exceptional builders of unique traditional, country or modern style homes.

Peter E Oatey


We never intended to build but when we did, we are so glad we found Samalex. They started with our lifestyles – not their plans.

Faced with an early riser and a light sleeper they made sure the bathroom and en suite can be accessed without disturbing the master bedroom. The cat run sits snugly, invisible, under a verandah to the house. Guests have privacy in their own wing. We have windows that grab the view on every side.

In the construction, it was delight to see Samalex bring together a team of skilled tradespeople – and since they knew our plans as intimately as we did, they drove the delivery on the dream: we were spared the stress.

Having lived in our Samalex house for six years, we know the value of working with a team who bring together building and design skills and years of experience. Samalex didn’t build a house for us – they worked with us to craft a home, our home, which fits us like a glove.