We begin with a site evaluation and an analysis of the micro- and macro- aspects of your property and location, and these allow us to develop an accurate and detailed brief, being mindful of your personal requirements, budget realities and site constraints.

From the immediate vicinity of your block but extending out to the broader community, we identify the options available and relate them to the brief. Is the brief appropriate to your site, and are the site and the brief appropriate for your needs?

From an initial overall concept, we consider the house in its entirety, determining how each room relates to the other, as well as to the world outside. We work through and refine all aspects of design and construction and, as we progress, the focus shifts and narrows to the finer details, where each individual part contributes to the success of the whole.

Once the design process is complete we determine costings to meet your financial parameters. Our services extend to include design and documentation with construction drawings and engineering details for development approval and liaison with council. Upon approval, Samalex undertakes project management and supervision for the duration of the construction process with continued support over the life of your home.

Thereby the building process is completed and, when done correctly, it can be a wonderful and rewarding experience for all concerned.

 Your brief is our template, and the building process naturally unfolds from this, and is continually referred back to the brief.